Further information (for all or several of the points below)(1) Guarantee facility responsible for the protection of your deposit: Your deposit is covered by a contractual deposit protection system that is officially certified as a guarantee facility. In the event of an insolvency of your credit institution, your deposits will be reimbursed up to EUR 100,000 or equivalent in foreign currency. (2) General protection maximum amount: If a deposit is not available because a credit institution is not able to fulfill its financial obligations, the depositors will be compensated by the deposit guarantee system. The respective sum insured is max. EUR 100,000 or equivalent in foreign currency per credit institution. This means that while calculating this sum, all deposits held at the same credit institution shall be added. If, for example, a depositor has EUR 90,000 in a savings account and EUR 20,000 in a current account, he will only be reimbursed EUR 100,000. In some cases (when the deposits result from real estate transactions relating to private residential properties, or serve legal social purposes and are linked to particular life events of a depositor such as marriage, divorce, retirement, dismissal, redundancy, invalidity or death, or are based on the payment of insurance benefits or compensation for criminal injuries or wrongful conviction and if the guaranteed event takes place within 12 months after the amount has been credited or from the moment when such deposits become legally transferable) deposits amounting to more than EUR 100,000 are guaranteed up to EUR 500,000 or equivalent in foreign currency. These payments are subject to a request of the depositor that must be made within 12 months after the guaranteed event to the Einlagensicherung der Banken & Bankiers Gesellschaft m.b.H. (3) Protection maximum amount for joint accounts: The maximum amount for joint accounts is EUR 100,000 or equivalent in foreign currency per depositor. In case of joint accounts the share of each depositor in the deposits of the joint account is taken into consideration for the calculation of the reimbursable deposits, insofar as the depositors have transferred such written instructions for the distribution to the credit institution. In case the depositors have not transferred such written instructions, the deposits from the joint account are distributed evenly to the depositors. Deposits into an account that two or more persons or members can dispose of as members of a partnership or society, an association or a similar union that is not a legal entity, however, are summed up during the calculation of the maximum amount of EUR 100,000 and treated as a deposit by a single depositor. Further information is available at www.einlagensicherung.at. (4) Reimbursement: The responsible deposit guarantee facility is the Einlagensicherung der Banken & Bankiers Gesellschaft m.b.H., Börsegasse 11, 1010 Vienna, Tel.: +43 (1) 533 98 03-0, Fax: +43 (1) 533 98 03-5, office@einlagensicherung.at, www.einlagensicherung.at that will reimburse your deposit (up to EUR 100,000 or equivalent in foreign currency) within 20 business days (until 12/31/2018), from 1/1/2019 until 12/31/2020 within 15 business days, from 1/1/2021 until 31/12/2023 within 10 business days and from 31/12/2023 within 7 business days. If the deposit guarantee facilities can not reimburse the total amount of reimbursable deposits within seven business days following the default event to a depositor during the transition periods, they are obliged to pay an adequate amount of the reimbursable deposits to the depositor to cover the living expenses within 5 days following such request by the depositor. The deposit guarantee facilities have to conduct the payment of the adequate amount based on and following the examination of the depositor's request, the data already available and the data provided from its member credit institutions. The depositor's claim for payment of a sum amounting to the reimbursable deposits decreases in such cases according to the amount already received as the adequate amount for covering living expenses pursuant to section 13 ESEAG. If you haven’t received reimbursement within these deadlines, you should contact the deposit guarantee system, as the period of validity for claims for reimbursement may have expired after a certain period. Further information is available at www.einlagensicherung.at.Further important information:Deposits by private customers and companies are generally covered by deposit guarantee systems. You will find information about exceptions for particular deposits on the respective deposit guarantee system’s website. Your credit institution will also inform you upon request, whether certain products are covered or not. If deposits are covered, the credit institution will confirm this on the account statement. Reimbursable deposits up to EUR 100,000 will not be paid if during the last 24 months prior to the default event no transaction in connection with this deposit has been conducted and the deposit amounts to less than the administrative costs of the deposit guarantee facility in case of payment. Reimbursable deposits are not paid out, insofar as there are liabilities of the depositor towards the credit institution that can be offset in accordance with legal or contractual provisions and that were due before or at the latest at the time the default event occurred. For further information please see our customer information "Deposit Guarantee - Investor Compensation" and the relevant legal provisions of the Austrian Deposit Guarantee and Investor Compensation Act (ESAEG) and the Austrian Banking Act (BWG). In case of request we will provide you with these documents.