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Figures according to IFRS: as of December 31, 2016

Total assets: TEUR 705,509
Loans and advances: TEUR 449,430
Amounts owed to banks and customers: TEUR 444,620
Total capital: TEUR 100,000
Tier One capital: TEUR 100,821
Capital requirements: TEUR 5,037
Tier One capital Ratio: 158.8%
Leverage Ratio: 14.2%
Liquidity Coverage Ratio: 710.3%
Net Stable Funding Ratio: 1,419.3%
Net interest income: TEUR 1,347
Pre-tax net income: TEUR 242
Cost/Income Ratio: 89.9%

1 TEUR = 1,000 EUR


Management Team

Thomas Moskovics
Chairman and CEO

Florian Botschen
Member of the Management Board


Company Structure

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