The bank is founded by Alfred Winter in 1090 Vienna, Kolingasse 17. The bank becomes a member of the Vienna Stock Exchange.
1910  Karl Winter, the brother of the founder, becomes partner. Membership in the Wiener Kaufmannschaft.
1921 Erich Körner, later co-founder of S.G. Warburg & Co., becomes authorized signatory.
1922 The bank is granted the license for foreign exchange trade. Robert Winter, the son of the founder, and Erich Körner, become partners of Bank Winter.
1938 Nationalisation (“Aryanization“) of Bank Winter.
1946 S.G. Warburg is founded by Sir Siegmund Warburg, Erich Körner and Henry Grünfeld.
1949 Simon Moskovics starts trading in Vienna.
1959 Simon Moskovics and Robert Winter establish the Bankkommanditgesellschaft Winter & Co. with its headquarters in 1010 Vienna, Singerstrasse 2, and become personally liable partners. The old bank license is renewed. First year’s balance sheet totals ATS 38.4 million (EUR 2.79 million).
1962 Specialisation in the organization and financing of East-West-trading transactions in cooperation with East European state owned banks.
1963 Bank Winter is the only bank to receive a license to import gold and has a special contract with the Austrian Mint (fully owned by the Finance Ministry) to produce gold coins and sell them to the public.
1970 Total assets exceed ATS 1 billion (EUR 72.7 million).
1972 Robert Winter resigns as partner. At this time Bank Winter is already one of the largest private banks in Austria.
1973 In order to enhance the existing cooperation with S.G. Warburg, Thomas Moskovics at the invitation of Erich Körner, originally partner at Bank Winter and then co-founder of S.G. Warburg, spends several months at the London headquarters of Warburg and gets a first initiation in investment banking. Thereafter Thomas Moskovics joins Bank Winter.
1976 Wingest Finanz AG, Switzerland, is founded by Bank Winter and S.G. Warburg under the co-chairmanship of Simon Moskovics and Oscar M. Lewisohn, senior executive of S.G. Warburg and son-in-law of the co-founder of S.G. Warburg, Henry Grünfeld.
1979 Total assets exceed ATS 10 billion (EUR 727 million). First issue of own bonds.
1985 Total assets reach ATS 25 billion (EUR 1.8 billion).
1986 Conversion of the bank to a stock corporation and move to Singerstrasse 10. Thomas Moskovics becomes member of the management board.
1993 Following the passing-away of Simon Moskovics, his son Thomas Moskovics takes the lead as Chairman of the Management Board and CEO.
1994 In response to the new challenges of the banking environment especially the various banking mergers in Austria, Thomas Moskovics refocuses the bank with special emphasis on structured finance and investment banking.
1997 Bank Winter ranks 16th in the BIS ratio (The Banker) among the 1,000 largest banks worldwide.
2003 Increase of equity capital to EUR 35 million.
2005 Increasing volume of Investment Banking activities in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
2008 Mark Moskovics, the son of Thomas Moskovics, joins Bank Winter.
2014 With total assets of EUR 1,0 billion and total equity of EUR 120 million, Bank Winter is one of the largest privately owned Merchant Banks with transactions reaching from China to Brazil with Central and Eastern Europe as core market.  
 2015Integration of Internationale Bank für Außenhandel AG.